At ABC Testing, we are continuously striving to adapt to the growing needs of our customers. If you have a question about a service that isn’t listed below, please contact us for further information about our current testing capabilities.

We offer the expertise to develop a customized program to meet your specific needs in:

Microbiology: Antimicrobial Effectiveness

Challenge Studies

Customer Return Complaint

Alleging Illness

Environmental Monitoring Program

HACCP Programs

Finished Product Testing

Food Quality and Safety

Ingredient Validation

Meat Speciation

Microbial Limits

Pathogen Testing

Spoilage Testing

Product Development

Retail Quality Assurance Program

Risk Management Program

Shelf Life/Stability Studies

Toxin Testing

(and more …)

Chemistry: Allergen Detection

Amino Acids (D- & L- enantiomer differentiation)


Botanical Identification & Natural Products (Marker & Bioactive compounds)

Dissolution & Disintegration

Fat and Oil Products

Fatty Acid Composition

Heavy Metals and Minerals

Nutrition Labeling

Pesticide Testing

Residue Testing

Proximate Analysis

Solvent Residue Analysis

Sport Nutrition Supplements

Total Organic Carbon

Tran Fatty Acid Analysis


Wet Chemistry

(and more …)

Certificates and Accreditations

Perry Johnson Laboratory Accreditation: ISO/IEC 17025:2017