We’d Love to Hear From You, Get In Touch With Us!

We’d always love to have you stop by our lab in person, so if you’re in Southern California please drop in and say hello!

You may also contact us in a number of ways:

By E-Mail:
To place a testing order, or for specific questions about the services mentioned on this site, send a note to sales@abctestinginc.com OR fill out the boxes down below and we will contact you back as soon as possible.
For general information, send a note to info@abctestinginc.com

By Fax
Fax your order, test request form, or questions to 714-259-0385. We’ll process your request and get back to you as soon as we can. To make things really easy, please use our faxable quote form found in our Testing Forms link above.

By Phone
Call us and ask questions to 714-259-0384 (general), 714-259-7559 (chemistry), and 714-259-7581 (microbiology).